General Information

Department of Physics Education curriculum mainly covers the physics education research area. We focus on developing teaching materials, testing and evaluation by taking the students' needs and expectations into account, especially on topics such as knowledge and skills which are relevant to physics teacher training program.

The main goal of the physics education department is to teach qualified physics teachers for the secondary schools of the country. Therefore, the students perform the training course in secondary schools in the last period of the teacher training program to improve their theoretical knowledge and skills which they received in the undergraduate level courses at university. The graduates have the opportunity to work as physics teachers in secondary schools and in various educational institutions.

The physics education department also offers M.S. and PhD programs under the regulations of the Graduate School of Educational Sciences. The goal of these programs is to teach qualified instructors. Period of education in the division is four years, and approximately 150 students are admitted to the division each year.

Hacettepe University Faculty of Education
Division of Physics Education
06800 Beytepe Ankara